Frequently Asked Questions

All our courses are designed in a way that you can study at home at your own pace with a support from Tutors or at our part- time study centre?

The lectures are conducted online and onsite. Online students engage their studies from course books on CDs, and in a virtual classroom. Each course is assessed by an end of term examination which students are expected to complete and mail  to the school for grading . The grades are communicated to the student via email.

No, students have the freedom to work at their own individual pace. Students are free to decide which graduation class  they intend to graduate with and work towards that goal. 

Can a person join the school all year round?

Yes, we accept applications all year round.

Admission is open to everyone as well as ordained and lay Christian leaders, who want to deepen their Biblical and theological knowledge and pastors who desire academic training.

Any Credit earned at other accredited schools will be accepted towards degree requirements. Copies of degree(s) and transcript(s) are required for evaluation purposes.

Yes, If the prospective student has over 10 years in the ministry and prior education without any formal training at a Bible College. They will be thoroughly assessed and if found to be credible, will be awarded credits towards any degree program.