san francisco dating site app statistics Welcome to Crossroads Trinity Bible College & Theological Seminary.


I have been called and want enrol, but work Full- Time. How do you help.
All our courses are designed in a way that you can study at home at your own pace with a support from Tutors or at our part- time study centre?
How are the studies done at CTBC?
The studies are online and onsite. Online students engages their studies from course books on CDs, and in a virtual classroom. There is test for each course to be completed and mailed back to the school for grading . The grades are mailed to the student by email.
Are there any militated time allowed to complete a course?
No, students have the freedom to work at their own individual pace, but be sure Courses are completed Prior to our graduation and commencement ceremony.
Can a person join the school year round?
The answer is yes.
Who enrols at CTBC?
Admission is open to Fresh men/ Lay Christian leaders, those who want deepen their Bible knowledge and Pastors who want want academic Training.
Does the College accepts credit transfer?
Any Credit earned at other schools will be accepted towards degree requirements. Copies of degree(s) and transcript(s) are required for evaluation purposes.
Will the College offer credits for ministry experience?
Yes, If the prospective student has over 10 years in the ministry and prior education without any formal training from a Bible College, He will be evaluated and credit awarded towards the degree programs.
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