Assessment & Appraisal


Students will participate in a process of appraisal to identify their strengths and weaknesses and to determine a master plan to develop their skills relevant to the Christian ministry. 

The appraisal process includes:

  • assessment of written work and other assignments according to given criteria to evaluate students.
  • reports from mentors at placement churches

Students are expected to carry out assignments meeting deadlines and demonstrating diligence, resourcefulness and that would be required on an academic course, and in Christian ministry. All assignments will be assessed by lecturers and feedback is given.

Crossroads Trinity Seminary offers affordable Graduate Degree programs in Biblical Studies, Theology, Pastoral Counselling and Practical Christian Ministry.

Our Courses are designed to prepare students and church leaders to become transformational leaders in every sphere of Christian Ministry. We also aim to ensure that students graduate in a timely manner, well equipped for leadership.

Online Courses

These courses are designed for the busy professional and allows you to study in the comfort of your home. After choosing the course you want to study,  the course materials will be sent to you electronically. The text books are in PDF format.  Hard copies can be provided upon request for an additional fee. Completed assignments are submitted online. 

All courses and assignments must be completed to graduate and there should be no outstanding tuition fee payments to be made.