Master of Christian Counselling

Course Overview

The course is designed to equip students and church leaders to acquire the skills , insight, understanding and knowledge they will need to work effectively to promote health and wholeness from a Biblical perspective. The student will  become a transformational leader in every sphere of Christian Ministry, and leadership.

Online Courses are for  busy working Adults. You will study in the comfort of your home. After choosing the course you want to study, the course materials will be sent to you, which is made up of text books and assignments. The text books are in PDF format, as well as hard copies for a fee, which excludes your tuition fees. Completed assignments are submitted online. You must complete all the courses and assignments, and you must complete payments of tuition fees to be eligible for graduation.

CHRISTIAN COUNSELLING: The study of God’s Word with a scriptural basis to healing and helping others. The unchanging Word of God and the hope we find can be used as an eternal help in a secular society. The total credit for this programme is 45 Credits 

Entrance Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree from Accredited Bible College or University

What you'll learn

  • Christian Counselling
  • Biblical Psychology
  • Developing Biblical worldview
  • Spiritual Strategies
  • Pastoral Counselling across cultures
  • Ethical and Professional issues in Counselling
  • Old Testament Survey
  • New Testament Survey
  • Spyshology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian counselling
  • Biblical Management Principles
  • Thesis 


Entrance Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited Bible College or University

Course Requirements:

Degree Major: 20 Credits

Minor Track: 15 Credits

Thesis: 10 Credits

Total Credits: 45 Credits