Certificate / Diploma

Church Administration

This Program is designed to prepare Christian leaders and Pastors, by equipping them with a fundamental overview of the Bible, and various aspects of Christian ministry including administrative and leadership skills needed to run a Bible based, spiritually sound Ministry.

Pastoral Counselling

The Pastoral Counselling course is aimed at dealing with the problems of everyday life. The course is designed to equip and develop counselling skills in Pastors, Lay -Leaders and individuals who face regular challenges to model Christ centred care in those who seek support from the church.

Youth Ministry

The Program is developed to give you deeper insight into the field of Youth Ministry by applying a fundamental knowledge of the Bible.  The range of courses provided will help prepare you for general Christian Youth and Crisis counselling for an effective and Christ centered youth ministry.

Practical Ministry

This course is developed and arranged in a cafeteria style to include modules from various study programmes necessary to prepare the student into church ministry. This course leads to the award of Advance Diploma