Our Academic Programs

Our courses are designed to prepare students and church leaders to become transformational leaders in every sphere of christian ministry, and to graduate in a timely manner equipped for leadership.

Graduate Degree Programs

Our graduate programmes offer an in depth study of Biblical, Theological and leadership skills needed to  preparing for ministry

Bachelor Degree Programs

We have a mission to disciple and develop leaders through undergraduate Biblical Education for effective servant leadership. Our curriculum integrates the value and authority of the Bible, the life of Jesus Christ and Ministry leadership skills taught in a scholarly and practical approach but the Holy Spirit led.

Certificate / Diploma Programs

Crossroads Trinity Bible College is mandated to train christian believers through Biblical Education for effective servant leadership. The courses are designed to introduce the student to the fundamental knowledge and skill development towards the Ministry.

Advanced Diploma Programs

The Advance Diploma programme is designed to integrate Biblical studies, Theological topics and leadership skills for ministry or progression to Bachelors degree studies

Non-Degree Programs

Crossroads Trinity Theological Seminary award honorary degrees to honour the achievement of those who have made an impact with their Ministry. This degree is not earned but deserved.