Doctor of Divine Letters

Course Overview

Crossroads Trinity Theological Seminary offers non-academic degrees to Ministers and Christian workers for achieving Literary and Scholarly work/excellent accomplishments which benefit Community, Nation or humanity in general.

This is a Research Degree taking into account books/articles written. Essays/Research documentation on controversial doctrinal issues stating your views.


  1. Your complete Resume
  2. You must be 40 years and above.
  3. One photograph of yourself
  4. Submit copies of Books, Articles, Essays/Research Works
  5. Evidence of your Ministry; e.g. Field Projects
  6. Photocopies of your College/University Diplomas or Degrees if any
  7. You will be required to pay a standard fee by the Board of Academic/Excellent Review if approved.

If interested, Contact:

Administration Department

Coop Street, Scholes,

Wigan, Greater Manchester,

WN1 3NH.

Telephone : 07513912205