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Bachelor of Arts in Theology

Bachelor of Arts in Theology

The Program is designed to give broad understanding in aspect of Biblical Theology combined with Biblical Studies. The course will equip students to be grounded in the scriptures, Major Biblical themes and Doctrine.

Our idea is to cultivate the theological virtue of faith hope and charity in students who desire to work in Christian ministries and other related fields.

Core Curriculum


  • PM3101 Homiletics - 4 Credits
  • B1101 Book of Psalms - 3 Credits
  • B1107 Book of Esther/Ruth - 3 Credits
  • B1126 The Gospel of the Kingdom - 3 Credits
  • B1109/10 Prophecy 1 & 2 - 6 Credits
  • PM3120 Managing Essentials for Christian Ministries

Entrance Requirements: College Diploma or Advance Diploma in Biblical Studies.

Course Requirements: 64 Credit hours (8-10 courses) depending on credit hours.

Minor Track 32 hours (4-5 Courses)

Electives 32 hours (4 Courses)

Total = 128 Credit Hours