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Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies

Bachelor of Biblical studies course is an undergraduate degree designed to develop and equip the skills of those deciding to work in Christian ministry within the five-fold office, Ephesians 4:11-12 and other related church vocation.

The program will require a completion of Core Biblical studies and Electives.

    BIBLICAL STUDIES: The study of major Scriptural themes and the main topics of the Sacred Scriptures. Courses dealing with various doctrines of the Word of God and areas devoted to the fundamental beliefs of the Holy Bible.

    Entrance Requirements: College Diploma or Advance Diploma in Biblical Studies.

    Course Requirements: 64 credit hours (8-10 courses) depending on credit hours

    Minor Track 32 hours (4-5 Courses)

    Electives 32 hours (4 Courses)

    Total = 128 Credit Hours