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Crossroads Trinity Bible College and Seminary

Crossroads Trinity Bible College and Seminary is the educational arm of Grace Fountain Church affiliated and accredited by CROSSROADS THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY 2323 Wells Parkway, H203 Austin Texas, 78728-6772

Best Education

Empowering minds through unparalleled academic excellence.

Top Instructors

Inspiring brilliance with distinguished mentors and visionary educators.

Online Education

Breaking boundaries with innovative virtual learning experiences.

Global Community

Fostering a diverse and inclusive network of learners, researchers, and professionals

Crossroads Trinity Bible College is an onsite and distance (online) religious educational Institution established to equip, develop and prepare individuals for a career in Christian ministry. We offer a variety of programs ranging from Diploma to Doctorate Degree Levels.

Academic Programs

Explore our enriching academic programs, fostering spiritual growth, equipping you for impactful service in theology and ministry.

Why Crossroads Trinity
Bible College and Seminary

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Renowned Faculty

Learn from experts who provide exceptional guidance and mentorship.

Spiritual Formation

Nurture your faith through reflection, prayer, and spiritual growth.

Practical Training

Apply knowledge in ministry, gain practical skills for impactful service.

Diverse Community

Embrace diversity, foster global perspectives in a vibrant community.


Academic Excellence

Join a scholarly institution advancing theological knowledge.


Lasting Impact

Be equipped to make a difference with integrity and purpose.