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Masters Biblical Studies

Masters Biblical Studies

This degree program is designed to prepare students for various ministries in a comprehensive study of Biblical theology in addition to supportive coursework.

Students complete their degree through research thesis from topics within the scope of studies and coursework.

  • B1125 The Epistles, James, John and Jude
  • TH2116 Church History
  • TH2105 Teachings of Jesus
  • TH2107 Christian Theology
  • TH2117 Apologetics
  • PM3116 Building Leaders
  • PM2123 Communication – conflict managing in Church
  • PM2124 ssential Guide and Christian organisations for public speaking
  • CO4112 Biblical Concept for Christian Counselling
  • Soteriology
  • Christian Mission/Evangelism
  • Thesis Writing

Required 35 credits of Degree Major Courses

Required 10 credits of Minor Track Courses

Total = 45 Credits

Entrance Requirements:- Bachelors of Biblical Studies Degree or Bachelor’s Degree from Accredited Seminary or University.

Course Requirements:- Minimum of 32 credit hours.